Recent Successes

Discourse provides a simple way for UC Davis students to discover classes and understand graduation progress. Our flexible search engine allows students to find classes based on any topic of interest while remaining vigilant about timely degree progress. Since launching has had over a 1000 signed up students

Ag for Hire connects farmers with their seasonal and specialty workforce. After completing the Entrepreneurship Fund program, Ag for Hire has gone on to be part of the CITRIS Foundry Program and has also been featured by CBS Sacramento, The Fresno Bee and The Forbes AgTech Summit. Ag for Hire also won the innovation in agriculture award at the 2016 Big Bang competition.

Vision Vanguard created an eye-examination tool that is not only convenient but relatively inexpensive to build and thus ideal for developing countries. Vision Vanguard developed and sold VisionFinder, a hand-held device manufactured on campus for less than $100.